Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GMAT - Not that tough but not that easy too!!!

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So I guess you have taken the big decision and want to do an MBA. Well all the best!!!
Now, to get into a business school you have to start with your entrance exams to the schools. Most of the schools in India have their own entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, etc etc. However, schools across other countries and some in India too accept GMAT as their official entrance examination. GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test is one of the selection criteria across the world for selection into a B-school.

GMAT is held throughout the year across almost all the countries. It is basically an aptitude test that tests you on your analytical, mathematics and English skills together with your writing skills. It is a totally computer based adaptive test now. There was a paper based non-adaptive version earlier. The test is divided into three parts - Mathematics, English and Analytical writing. You are marked on a total score of 800 for math and English and on a 6 point on the analytical writing system.

GMAT is a widely accepted test and hence taken by millions of aspiring students every year. Obviously you need to book your test dates at the nearest test center well in advance. For instance, if the school you want to join has an application deadline in September then you need to have the GMAT results by atleast mid September. The official GMAT scores take atleast a month to come and most schools do not process applications unless they have the official GMAT scores. By official I mean the score report that is directly sent by GMAT authorities to your chosen schools. So you can choose 5 schools you want to apply to when you start writing your GMAT exam and GMAT sends score reports to these five schools without charges. Any additional score reports will be charged about 40$ each. The test itself will cost you about 250$.
You can get further details about the test and also register for the same at :

Remember to take your studying capacity and your application deadlines into consideration before booking the test date. You can reschedule your test date but that will again cost you a few dollars.

Once you have booked the test date come back for GMAT preparation tools and my experiences.
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